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Rain, singer and actor, who graced the charity concert held under Jakie Chan with his presence, expressed that he would continue to participate in the future concert.

Rain took part in ‘2009 Good Friend Concert’ held in Bird’s Nest, Beijing Olympic main stadium, last 1st, at 7:30pm (by the local time in Beijing). This event filled with more than 60,000 audiences in the stands, was the charity concert held under Jakie Chan who has been reputed to be a world angel doing a good deed.

Jakie Chan pointed out Rain as the most influential singer in Asia, who is the right star coming on the big stage, and Rain passionately sang his hit songs Rainism and It’s raining, continuing, having sung Jo Yong-Phil’s Friend with Jakie, in Korea and in Chinese each, he got through the concert with making sure their friendship over the nationality and the generation.

Rain who was through with the concert by Jakie’s special and careful concern, separately saw Jakie for about 1hour after the concert.  In a meeting with Jakie, Rain conveyed the expression of his intention to him, “I’ll continue to participate in your future charity concert.”

Meanwhile, all proceeds go to “Jakie Chan’s Charity Fund” that will be used as the whole world’s peace fund.

credit to Seoul News
Brief translation by rain bird@rain-eu
from RainLegend


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Credit: RainLegend

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